poppy-capsule-3432091__340“This course will reduce your stress levels. Give you more choices in response to situations. Increase feelings of peace, kindness, gentleness, self-love and acceptance” – Jane, MBSR

“I learned I can deal with stressful situations… that working all the time and stressing over things I can’t change are not good for me. Thank you Lydia, I feel this is the beginning of a new me” – Michelle, MBSR

“It is an unforgettable experience. A must for people wanting relaxation and more peace in their hectic and stressful lives.. I am more attuned to my work, people, and friends. I feel I am less judgemental of situations and people and more open to various experiences without being forceful. I am able to better regulate my stress levels and take care of myself, something which I was wanting to improve.”Jacob, MBSR

“I feel the course allowed for the integration of feelings and beliefs about self and others via listening more deeply to my own inner ‘truths’ and to do this at a gentle, non-pressured pace”Therese, MBSR

“I really benefited from the group experience and the meditations. Lydia was exceptional, very genuine and kind.”  –  Justin

“Lydia was friendly, experienced, a very capable meditation instructor who encouraged us & provided good guidance to each of us in developing a practice. I increased my ability to ‘feel’ into the body, ‘body scan meditations’ and Increased ability to relax. I am better able to let go of troubling repetitive thoughts using the RAIN meditation technique.” – David

“I learned techniques to stop being hijacked by mind/thoughts/emotions. A way to help understand and manage anxiety.” – Maria

“The course was well paced for beginners and included personal testimony to keep it grounded and real. The course is a great introduction to the concepts and practice of mindfulness and Lydia is a great facilitator.” – Austin

“​Learning how to slow down, listen to my body and breath was a great benefit of the course. To observe my emotions, acknowledge them and not to react. I enjoyed the openness of other participants.” – Harry

“​I learned to be in the now without trying to fix or change anything, to widen my understanding of self.  I enjoyed the sense of discovery and a new journey unfolding. Lydia set a good pace for the course.” – Mary-Claude

“The main benefits were reconnecting with my physical body and pain resolution. I learned techniques to manage stress and anxiety at work, useful tools for developing personal awareness and managing responses and behaviours.  I enjoyed practicing with a group and Lydia was an exceptional facilitator.” – Lee Anne

“I have become more aware of my feelings and how to deal with them. I check in more with myself. When I get anxious I stop and scan my body and breath and it takes my mind off it. The group and the connection was lovely and everyone was very open.” – Kayleigh

“I learned how to remove myself from situations and take time out. Grounding myself when anxious.” – Sandra


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