Resilient school communities  –                Mindfulness for teachers, students and parents

For Teachers

Developing mindful awareness can reduce stress, alleviate burnout, cultivate emotional resilience and self-compassion. We offer practical, evidence-based mindfulness training and recommend a whole school approach, with programs for teachers and students.

Results from an 8 week MBSR course show teachers experience numerous long-term benefits both inside and outside the classroom. Emotional and instructional support of students improved as well as classroom behaviour management.                                                                                                                                

Interested in teaching mindfulness in your classroom? Our new 6 week course lays a foundation to easily map lessons to Australian Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum requirements.

“This has completely changed the way I am, with the children I work with. I’m busy but not stressed any more. “  Kathryn, 8 week course for Teachers

“Outstanding course! Reminds you to be kind to yourself and take yourself to a wellbeing place. Enjoying the breath and mindful eating. Enjoyed every part of this course. “    Simone, 8 week course for Teachers

Our MBSR Teachers course is accepted as Recommended Prior Learning for courses offered by Mind with Heart and Mindful Educators Essentials. We can support teachers with on-going mentoring so they are equipped to deliver mindfulness to students in the classroom.

A Positive Future, Students K – 12

Mindfulness training can inspire greater enthusiasm for learning, focus attention and develop social-emotional skills. Creating a mindful ‘inner-resource’ can buffer students from stress and equip them to approach life with resilience and confidence.

Student programs are presented as 30 – 50 minute weekly sessions throughout the term. We tailor content to meet your needs and use developmentally appropriate language. Teachers can be trained to deliver the essentials in between sessions, supported by on-going mentoring.

Learning outcomes for students include:

  • increased enthusiasm and readiness for learning
  • improved executive function and focus in class and in sport
  • self-regulation, managing difficult emotions, impulses and moods
  • managing stress, anxiety and the pressure of exams
  • time-management skills, dealing with procrastination
  • increased self-acceptance, confidence and optimism
  • finding their inner resource

Youth Resilience Project – Mindfulness for Teens

Adapted from the gold standard MBSR program, this provides teens with practical skills and tools to manage stress, build resilience and develop healthy confidence.  This 8 week program is best delivered as 60 minutes sessions but can be modified to suit your needs..

“The course made me more aware of myself and others in everyday relationships. Great instructor thank you! It was something to look forward to, time for yourself and to share with others. Sandra, 8 week course for Teachers

“It helped me re-evaluate my own wellbeing and life. It helped me learn to deal with stress in the classroom. I really enjoyed it. I felt very calm and peaceful.  Joanne,  8 week course for Teachers

InSchoolsImage“If I am confronted by negativity I remain calm and don’t allow others to change my emotions. Don’t sweat the small stuff. I loved it and floated home every Thursday, like I didn’t have a worry in the world.  Sylvia, 8 week course for Teachers

“I learned… time management, positivity and managing stress. The course was uplifting and my skills for coping with stress and situations have become developed and refined. Michael, 8 week course for Teachers.

“The course helped me take a step back, put yourself in the other person’s shoes and breathe. To listen, be calm and not judge.  Edwina,  8 week course for Teachers

“This is the first time someone has addressed our stress and it’s made a difference to us.  Adrienne, 8 week course for Teachers

“Really loved the course, such a privilege to be able to participate”            Krystina, MBSR for Teachers

Contact Lydia  to discuss how we can bring the benefits of mindfulness to your school with our programs for teachers and students.

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