Mindfulness At Work

Create a collaborative, productive working environment with mindfulness.

The practice of mindfulness at work can result in clearer decision making, increased productivity and a thriving culture within the organisation.

Be Still offers evidence-based training drawing on the work of leaders in mindfulness. Results for participants include :

  • enhanced focus, clarity and concentration
  • improved performance, productivity and collaboration
  • greater emotional and physical resilience
  • increased capacity to adapt to change and respond to challenges
  • improved interpersonal communication skills
  • improved decision making capability
  • general improvement in overall health and vitality
  • increased job satisfaction and a decrease in absenteeism

Be Still represents a team of experienced trainers throughout the ANZ region – Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Auckland.

Find out more about the benefits of mindfulness for organisations

We offer a range of mindfulness workshops and courses including:

organisations destress section
Drop in & De-stress – Wellbeing Series

Recharge, reduce stress and feel refreshed. We make it easy for you – before, during or after work. This program is a unique combination of essential mindfulness practices that are practical and engaging.   Learn More

iRestiRest – Integrative Restoration Meditation

iRest is a practice for deep relaxation, particularly helpful for insomnia, anxiety, general trauma and PTSD. This is a modern presentation of the ancient practice of Yoga Nidra.   Learn More

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