Essential Mindfulness is an 8 week course exploring the fundamentals of mindfulness. Each week key topics are presented to enhance your experience and understanding of mindfulness. Discover resilience, clarity and inner resources to help you navigate the challenges of work and bring more balance to life.

The course includes:

  • 6 x 1.5 hour sessions weekly
  • guided instruction on a variety of mindfulness meditations including breathing practices and body scans
  • mind-body awareness training
  • understanding stress and its impact on your life
  • exploration of thoughts, feelings and habits and how to work with these mindfully
  • mental resilience training, problem solving and decision making
  • scientific rationale and the theory behind the practices
  • group discussion and feedback to support bringing mindfulness into everyday life
  • course notes and a series of downloadable audio guided meditations
  • a weekly email from the facilitator
  • individual phone or email contact with the facilitator if required

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