courses page-destressDrop in & De-stress – Workplace Wellbeing Series

Recharge, reduce stress and feel refreshed.

Be Still makes it easy for you, bringing this program to your premises – before, during or after work. This is about organisational wellness, designed to improve focus and concentration, healthy self-confidence and morale. The practices are engaging and practical, supporting a happier and healthier workplace.

We offer unique and flexible programs that can be tailored to meet your training objectives.

Our unique combination of essential mindfulness practices includes:
Week 1 – Mindfulness Meditation
Week 2 – Mindful Movement with Qigong
Week 3 – iRest – Integrative Restoration
Week 4 – Laughter Yoga

organisations destress sectionMindfulness Meditation can alleviate stress, anxiety and exhaustion. The practices boost emotional resilience, mental stability and vitality. This is modern evidence-based meditation and an effective intervention into the busy-ness of life.

Mindful Movement acts as an immediate intervention into agitation and exhaustion and offers similar benefits to sitting meditation. The practices are restorative and energising. We include Qigong sequences, supporting health and vitality by working with the body’s energy centres. This session is both grounding and balancing.

iRest Integrative Restoration is about deep relaxation, calming the central nervous system, increasing resilience to stress and anxiety. The practice is particularly helpful for insomnia, anxiety and trauma. A somatic body-sensing practice, it is being widely used to break cycles of stress and substance dependence. iRest releases negative thought patterns and blocked emotions. This is a modern presentation of an ancient practice of Yoga Nidra.

Laughter Yoga is a unique stress intervention. A range of playful exercises are followed by deep relaxation. LY facilitates positive states of mind, activating the immune system, improving vitality and energy. We intentionally practice unconditional cheerfulness. LY is a great team-building exercise and may be the funniest activity you ever try!

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