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Mindfulness – a Powerful Inner Resource

Mindfulness is synonymous with ‘heartful presence’ – greater awareness, clarity and enduring wellbeing. We offer secular Mindfulness training across Australia with experienced and dedicated teachers. Our evidence-based suite of programs include workplace training, MBSR courses, private coaching and retreats. Discover your inner resource and experience a new perspective on life.

Authentic Mindfulness for a Modern World

MBSR-Mindfulness in Organisations

Create a collaborative, resilient and dynamic work environment. Mindfulness Workshops and tailored programs for leaders and teams.

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Mindfulness in Schools

Learn skills to develop resilience and inspire learning – for teachers and students. Our programs support Social and Emotional curriculum requirements.

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MBSR-Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction MBSR

8 evenings and a Sunday Retreat.
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iRest – Integrative Restoration MBSR-

iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation is an Integrative Practice offering deep relaxation and resilience. Restore mental and physical wellbeing. 6 week program. Suitable for everyone.

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About Mindfulness – an Essential Life Skill

Authentic Mindfulness provides a broader framework to sustain us through all the challenges of life. Course participants report a wide range of long-term benefits:

  • reduced stress and anxiety
  • ability to relax and greater emotional regulation
  • improved relationships
  • greater focus, concentration and memory
  • personal confidence, resilience and performance
  • improved immune function
  • better quality sleep and the ability to ‘switch off’
  • renewed sense of purpose and connection to life

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“It is an unforgettable experience. A must for people wanting relaxation and more peace in their hectic and stressful lives.. I am more attuned to my work, people, and friends. I feel I am less judgemental of situations and people and more open to various experiences without being forceful. I am able to better regulate my stress levels and take care of myself, something which I was wanting to improve.” – Jacob, MBSR 8 week course

“This course will reduce your stress levels. Give you more choices in response to situations. Increase feelings of peace, kindness, gentleness, self-love and acceptance”Jane, MBSR 8 week course

“Lydia’s presentation was the perfect end to a very busy 3 days of conference. Her calm nature and thought provoking content kept a mix of genders and ages engaged and involved, ensuring all in attendance took part in the activities, while gaining value from the entire session.  An extremely worthwhile addition to our event, I would highly recommend Lydia to any company or organisation requiring some “you” time for their staff or delegates, while also providing an insight on creating mentally healthy workplaces.”Jodie Pryor,Events & Projects Team Leader,Facility Management Association of Australia

“I learned I can deal with stressful situations… that working all the time and stressing over things I can’t change are not good for me. Thank you Lydia, I feel this is the beginning of a new me” – Michelle, MBSR 8 week course

“I have become more aware of my feelings and how to deal with them. I check in more with myself. When I get anxious I stop and scan my body and breath and it takes my mind off it. The group and the connection was lovely and everyone was very open” – Kayleigh, 4 Week Introduction Course

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