Mindfulness for wellbeing…

Learn skills to reduce stress and feel more connected to life.

Mindfulness for Individuals & Organisations

We offer Mindfulness education and MBSR courses throughout Australia with experienced and dedicated teachers. Choose the style of mindfulness learning that’s right for you – from group courses, workshops, private coaching or meditation retreats.

Mindfulness Courses in Sydney – Crows Nest

MBSR-Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, MBSR

30 July – 17 September, Tuesday Evenings 6.45pm – 9pm
15 October – 3 December, Tuesday Evenings 6.45pm – 9pm
Crows Nest Community Centre

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Sunday Retreats in Mosman, 10am – 3pm

8 September 2019
24 November  2019
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MBSR-New Mindfulness Courses in Sydney

MBSR in Richmond, Toxana House, Saturdays 1.30 – 5.30pm
12, 19 October and 2, 9 November 2019
Introduction to Mindfulness, Botanix Yoga Studio, Botany
Wednesday evenings 24 July – 28 August, 7.45pm – 9pm

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MBSR-Mindfulness Training in Organisations


About Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a skill that everyone can learn and the benefits can be life-changing:

  • increased personal confidence, resilience and professional effectiveness.
  • reduced stress and anxiety
  • ability to relax and regulate emotions
  • increased focus, concentration and memory
  • improved immune function
  • longer and better quality sleep
  • greater happiness and connection to life

Benefits for individuals          Benefits for organisations

Organisations we have worked with


poppy-capsule-3432091__340“This course will reduce your stress levels. Give you more choices in response to situations. Increase feelings of peace, kindness, gentleness, self-love and acceptance” – Jane, MBSR

“It is an unforgettable experience. A must for people wanting relaxation and more peace in their hectic and stressful lives.. I am more attuned to my work, people, and friends. I feel I am less judgemental of situations and people and more open to various experiences without being forceful. I am able to better regulate my stress levels and take care of myself, something which I was wanting to improve.” – Jacob, MBSR

“I learned I can deal with stressful situations… that working all the time and stressing over things I can’t change are not good for me. Thank you Lydia, I feel this is the beginning of a new me” – Michelle, MBSR

“I have become more aware of my feelings and how to deal with them. I check in more with myself. When I get anxious I stop and scan my body and breath and it takes my mind off it. The group and the connection was lovely and everyone was very open” – Kayleigh

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